Our Process

Our propeller inspired logo invokes a forward-looking and cyclical planning process.  We begin by consulting with our client, defining the parameters of the relationship, and gathering information on resources, obligations, goals, and risk tolerances.

After our consultation we develop the investment methods and structures consistent with our clients' investment objectives.

Next, we provide recommendations and advice about those investment methods and account structures.  Other advice may include budgeting, contribution rates, expense evaluation, debt management, and insurance reviews.

Following a collaborative review and ensuring our client understands the recommendations we will begin to implement agreed changes. 

Planning and implementation is a dynamic and cyclical process.  We partner with our clients to monitor the plan, determine if goals are being met, and make additional recommendations as needed.

Major life events will require a review and restatement of the plan.



A written plan is useful for documenting your financial goals. The plan must be reviewed periodically, checkpoints measured, and adjustments made as necessary to ensure that your plan amounts to more than just a stack of papers.

A retirement plan is important.  A properly developed retirement plan incorporates current assets, contribution rates, living expenses, future inflation rates, and carefully estimated investment outcomes.  Estimates will periodically be compared with actual assets, contributions, expenses, inflation rates, and investment returns.  This allows an opportunity for working-age clients to make adjustments earlier in life to better achieve their goals.  Retired clients may amend expenditures upon review of the trajectory of their retirement plan.

Areas We Advise

  • Portfolio Reviews and Investment Management

  • Retirement Planning and Projections

  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans and pensions

  • Employee Benefits and Stock Options

  • Life Events (Birth, Death, Career Change)

  • Education Cost Planning

  • Estate Planning Strategies

  • Tax Management

  • Budgeting

  • Debt Analysis

  • Insurance Reviews

  • Cash Management

  • Accountant/Attorney Collaboration

  • Client Education

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Long Term Care Planning


An advantage we provide to our clients is continuity.  We structured our practice with a succession plan in mind.  We offer multiple partners of various ages.  We all have an awareness of each client's needs and objectives in the event the primary advisor is not available.  What is your plan for advisor continuity?  May we partner with you?