Every successful plan starts with a process. Our cyclical process helps to ensure our clients get the most from our partnership.


The introductory meeting is the time for you and our team to learn about one another, gather information, understand life and financial goals, needs, and risk tolerance.


Depending on the complexity of your financial situation, we may need several days to analyze and develop an action plan.


We will present our findings and recommendations during this follow-up meeting. Additionally we will discuss the costs associated with any services we recommend.


Aside from the transfer process, one of the most important parts of this step is to link our clients to our client portal. The client portal is the financial dashboard providing information to you about performance, asset allocation, portfolio risk scoring, financial plan results, and account aggregation.


Periodic review is the key to ensuring we remain up-to-date with changes in your life. Updated information is necessary to analyze, recommend, and implement changes to the plan.